Blu-ray Wish List: Election and Election 2

Just for the record: I’m a big fan of Johnnie To. I await with anticipation the release of each of his new films, and more often than not, I find myself drawn into the worlds he creates on the screen with a sense of glee and amazement. Original, talented, inspiring, challenging, and prolific are all terms that I would use to describe him has a filmmaker. His body of work is filled with vital Hong Kong hits such as A Hero Never Dies and Exile. But in recent years, To has managed to cement his status as one of Asia’s true cinematic maestros due in no small part to the Election movies.

To me (and many others judging from Rotten Tomatoes‘ scores for both films), Election and Election 2 (aka Triad Election) are modern classics that easily rank at the top of the Hong Kong crime genre alongside classics like A Better Tomorrow, The Killer and Infernal Affairs. Given the city’s illustrious history in the genre, these two films are truly exceptional works that deserve the best of treatments. That is why they are at the top of my Blu-ray Wish List.

Not convinced? Well, we can’t show you the films here, but how about a look at their trailers:

Blu-ray Release Prospects: Good -> The bad news: Hong Kong catalogue Blu-rays have been few and far between. The good news:  Johnnie To has four films on Blu-ray (Exile, PTU, Mad Detective, and Sparrow), tops among directors. The bottom line: Johnnie To’s movies are international in their appeal, and the Election movies are a perfect example of a universal cinematic language capturing the attention of moviegoers everywhere. We expect (and perhaps demand) that these 2 movies come out on Blu-ray. We’re waiting.

Blu-ray Wish List Explained: It’s fair to say that at this junction in the growth of Blu-ray, the slow trickle of new Asian Blu-ray releases can sometimes feel unbearably slow. But as we begin to see a trend towards day-and-date DVD and Blu-ray release dates (or close to it) for new movies, we can start to find great new titles like Warlords and Red Cliff getting the HD treatment. In our Wish List feature, our aim is to shine a light on upcoming theatrical releases or noteworthy catalogue titles that we think would rock on Blu-ray. And we also provide a score on a scale of 1 to 4 (Poor > Average > Good > Excellent) to give our opinion on the chances of that movie actually making it to Blu-ray.

What is on your Asian Blu-ray Wish List? Drop us a line or comment and tell us about it. The more buzz and demand we put out, the easier the decision to release these titles on Blu-ray becomes for the movie companies involved.