First Teaser for Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

It appears Donnie Yen can do no harm in his new role as today’s premiere Asian action star (except maybe in the films themselves where he does do quite some harm to his enemies). Yen will try to follow up the current success of Ip Man 2 by stepping into some pretty big shoes.

Previously played by Bruce Lee in Fist of Fury and Jet Li in Fist of Legend, the role of Chen Zhen is being redefined in Andrew Lau’s Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen (精武風雲.陳真). Produced and scripted by Gordan Chan (director of Jet Li’s aforementioned Fist of Legend), the spiritual sequel also stars Shu Qi, Anthony Wong and Huang Bo.

While some of the initial production shots of this movie seemed somewhat off-putting to some degree (with Donnie Yen sporting a well trimmed ’stache of all things), this first teaser trailer really shows a lot of potential for what seemed to be a risky concept–one that has our titular protagonist looking like a superhero. On the other hand, what isn’t risky is having Yen kick a ton of ass, which from the looks of it will be a recurring theme in this one too!

Official synopsis:

While China is traumatized by military cliques during the Warlord Era in the 1920s, Shanghai is the cynosure of all eyes. People see it as both Hell’s Kitchen and Heaven’s Gate. One of the city’s most memorable heroes has to be Chen Zhen, who single-handedly avenges his mentor’s death by killing all the Japanese at a dojo in Honkou, only to be showered with bullets while making his legendary flying kick. Vanished from the public eye ever since, he has taken for dead though his body is never found.

Seven years later, a wealthy entrepreneur called Koo returns from abroad and makes a grand entrance on the Shanghai social scene by befriending the notorious mafia boss of the city. This mysterious man is none other then Chen Zhen in disguise who dwells in a world of nefarious means in order to infiltrate the criminal empire. He soon discovers a clandestine collusion between the mafia and the Japanese.

Disguised as a caped crusader at night, Chen sets out to dismantle with his martial arts skill the evil collusion that plaques the country. One of his foremost missions is to ferret out the assassination list prepared by the Japanese.

Check out the trailer: