Summer Hiatus Over... Fortune Star's Legendary Collections All Covered

So it’s been a long summer of false starts and disappointments. Asian blu-ray releases were few and far between. In a way , I’m happy I took a break during this down time, because it looks like things are starting to pick up real quick. Chief among the companies trying to make some waves is Fortune Star (with the help of Kam & Ronson), which announced in May that it would be releasing the Police Story trilogy, the Once Upon a Time trilogy, and a quartet of Bruce Lee classics this past July.

Of course, as many of you probably know, only The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Police Story, and Once Upon a Time in China have been released so far. But the good news is, although we do not have any release dates for the remaining titles, we do have some cover art scanned from an insert/booklet included with a copy of the Police Story blu-ray (apparently, not all copies contain this insert–we’ll investigate further).

Let’s hope the wait isn’t too long for the rest of these!

Check it out: